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Adjoined to the engraving classroom is the shop where welding soldering etc.. goes on. If you are in an engraving class but have questions about other processes IT IS ENCOURAGED  provided It does not disrupt class for everyone else. (usually in the afternoons or early morning.)

 We hope you will join us!

In the event you cannot attend the class you are signed up for 100% of your deposit/tuition  can be applied to any class in the future or you may request a refund which will be 80% refunded with in 30 days of your request.

Texas Engraving school was founded on the idea that more tools and money spent will not make you a better engraver. We try to present real world challenges with real world solutions focus is on the thought process of solving issues that arise in day to day work. If engraving were like playing a musical instrument we want you to learn to read and write music.....not just learn to play by ear. 

All of our accomplished instructors not only do what they do well, but do it for a living so they can offer valuable insights in regards to pricing marketing and all other aspects of the trade.

We offer small classes with a relaxed atmosphere where no one is left behind. We take the time to make certain that you understand. From tool sharpening to drawing, cutting and everything in between.

Class hours are 9am to 5pm

However we tend to gather around 8am for coffee and visiting, it is not unusual to stay busy till 6:30 or 7pm. (relaxed environment)


Equipment we use..

All of our benches have Lindsay Classic air gravers, However in the shop we have many makes and models of equipment for you to make decisions on what is best for you. WE SELL TALENT.... NOT TOOLS however we will help you make a shopping list and give you contact info to assist you in making your purchases.

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About the Classroom...