This class will save you years of trial and error if you cracking out in the bit and spur game. All aspects of soldering using all methods including "soft solders" and "hard solders" will be covered. You will understand clearly when and why to use what. In addition we will cover multiple methods of cleaning up the steel and silver after soldering. Soldering silver to gold etc..This class will also cover all popular finishes such as  browning, blueing ( both cold and hot) French gray and a few others. Preparing your drawings or mountings for soldering/ best practices for "sawing out" metals to be mounted will be covered and practiced. This class will be instructed by Wes Griffin whom was a full time bit/ spur and buckle maker for 15 plus years before moving on to gun engraving. This class WILL shave time off your projects and improve the quality of your work.

This class will deal with all aspects of building buckles and similar items. Classroom discussions on design concepts, materials and best practices will be covered. In addition to this we will go over the software that can be used to design by computer as well as old school design by paper and pencil. Then we will move into actual fabrication where each attendees will build their own buckle getting hands on experience in all aspects of fabrication. We will also go over different pricing formats to assist students in pricing their future work. This class will be primarily instructed by Matt Litz who has won multiple awards for his silversmithing and currently builds some of the most prestigious and sought after trophy buckles today.


​June 4th 5th & 6th 2019

This class will go into great depth dealing with basic scroll design and flow structures that will build a good foundation to grow from. In the exercises in this class you will be begin to see the relationship between all the styles of engraving as we start basic.. then begin to advance into the modified bright cut that is most popular today. It is from here that you will see the small jump it is to move into American scroll relief engraving. Primary tools used in this class will be various flats for "wriggle cut" and bright cuts, liner tools for shading and "v" gravers. You will learn proper sharpening as well as proper use of all of these tools in this class. This class will be instructed by Wes Griffin voted engraver of the year in 2017 by the Academy of Western Artist using these very styles of engraving.

Class Descriptions


​MARCH 7,8 &9th 2019


​June 7th 8th & 9th 2019

This class will focus on drawing both transfer making and layout on the actual piece to be engraved. Tool geometries will be discussed as well as speed layout techniques. There will be a review of Bright cut engraving for the purposes of teaching layouts. Multiple shading approaches will be addressed. This class will also cover various background removal techniques. Metal preparation and multiple finishes will be covered. Pricing in relation to the different styles vs time it takes to cut will also be a topic of discussion. This class will be instructed by Wes Griffin  who was chosen as the "Emerging Artist" in 2015 by the Firearms engravers guild of America using the styles discussed in this class.


​FEB 7,8 &9th 2019/ MAY 9,10 &11