The class project in this class will be the popular syderco delica 4. In class we will do gold inlays as well as background removal on relief style scroll work. There will be a lot of discussion on drawing various styles and how they are all related. NEWBIES WELCOME


Bit Building Class

In this class you will learn all about drawing out and preparing scroll work, brands initials etc... to be silver soldered on to various products. You will learn how to solder them on using both low and high heat solders. You will be able to design and build a project peice... buckle, bracelets pendants etc.. as well as intruction on engraving them.  At the end of this class you should feel comfortable mounting overlays on items with solder as well as have jump start on layout skills required to do relief gun engraving. Newbies are welcome in this class. ATTN: 4 DAY CLASS  NEWBIES WELCOME

in this class you can bring your own gun and we will go through the layout process, make transfers and get the gun ready to engrave. This class is  for engravers with some experience but havent gotten comfortable enough to start a gun. We will go over tools needed to inlay... best geometries for cutting harder steels as well as work holding methods. I will help you along the way step by step, if your gun is not completed in class you will feel comfortable continuing the project on your own.


​sept 19- 22


In this class you will learn Nicks time tested way of fabricating unique jewelry peices, buckles pendants etc..  Newbies are welcome in this fast paced class where quite a few items are made from precious metals that are provided with the class. This is a fun class!!.NEWBIES WELCOME

We are very proud that Mike Dubber is coming to teach this class! Class will cover layout, preping art work and cutting techniques for bulino style engraving. Specialized tool sharpening and more. Class project is a real model 70 floor plate that we will engrave an animal and scroll work. With Mike's expertise this class will offer a wealth of knowledge even to a seasoned engraver! Some engraving experience will be a plus in getting the most from this class.

LEARN TO BUILD BRIDLE BITS. In this class we go over the function and mechanics of bits, learn to fabricate shanks, mouth pieces, cut and mount silver and do the finish work and engrave. 4 day class!!

In this class you will learn tool sharpning, work holding, basic layout and design as well as how to generate transfers  to get you started out on the right path. The class will also cover the various tool options and their cost. You will get a lot of time using the tools and cutting various materials. You will be exposed to multiple styles of engraving with practice plates and transfers to keep you practicing right. In this class you will also be engraving a buckle that is yours to keep as well as the gravers that you learn to sharpen. This class is for novice engravers and people who have never engraved. However it is a great refresher for stuggling engravers as well.

West Gone Wild fab class