The mission at Crash Course Engraving is to educate creative people not only how to engrave but also how to make there own fixtures,tools and even their own products to engrave. Each student will have his or her own bench outfitted with tools that are practical to the "real world" challenges that engraving presents. A lifetime will be spent learning and improving ones drawing and layout skills. We will help you get started. Our primary focus in the classes will be actual engraving, making the cuts, In our classes you can expect to cut using transfers of prepared artwork as well as creating your own artwork/ transfers for engraving. In addition we also have a fully functional fabrication shop on site where questions about fabrication are not only answered but encouraged. Our classroom and shop will be a relaxed setting where all can have fun and learn/practice and make new friends. While we are not in the business of selling tools, however we will help you decide the setup that is best for you and when possible we will have some used equipment  for purchase.